hmeWELCOME to Shaun Nel Attorneys.

Law – with all its varied fields – requires specialisation.

Shaun Nel Attorneys is a specialist law firm, built on personal “client-attorney” relationships, which equips us to have a proper and complete understanding of our client’s requirements so that we give our client’s the most efficient, honest and cost effective legal services. Our methodology brings about a fresh approach to creating meaningful partnerships between law service provider and client’s commercial objectives.

Shaun Nel Attorneys specialise in Commercial and Corporate Law, Insolvency/Bankruptcy Law, Contract Drafting and Banking Law.

Our expertise includes all types of commercial contracts, information technology, due diligence investigations, insolvency and corporate recoveries, corporate governance, construction and building.

Fees are payable for all legal services rendered. There are two fee structures:

  1. The party and party fee structure which is prescribed by law.
  2. Attorney and own client fees, which are higher than any party fee. As the firm specialises in the categories of law, all clients are charged the firms attorney and own client fees.
  • Contract Law
  • Commercial & Corporate Law
  • Insolvency / Bankruptcy Law
  • Banking Law

Contracts are a complex, but a necessary component of business and commerce. A myriad of legal principles and legislation are of application. Well drafted and legally sound contracts underpin the success of sustainable business relations and commercial reward.

We are skilled at drafting all types of contracts in plain language that clearly and concisely encapsulate the agreed intention of the parties, taking into account all applicable legislation, trade usage, common law principles and legal precedent.

Learn more about Contract Law by downloading this informative pdf.

Commercial law is as old as trading itself. While commerce is primarily driven by corporate entities, inevitably this involves individuals, legislation, trade usage and legal precedent.

We have a thorough understanding of all legislation necessary to conduct business. We are also accomplished in all types of commercial contracts.

Our expertise in commercial and corporate law includes banking, banking contracts, lending, construction and engineering, bankruptcy and restructuring, unlawful competition and restraint-of-trade, due diligence guidance, technology and telecommunications.

Learn more about Corporate and Commercial Law by downloading this informative pdf.

Insolvency law is governed by legislation and regulation, which contemplates two scenarios, one where an individual person finds himself in insolvent circumstances and second, where a corporate entity finds itself in insolvent circumstances.

Having worked for numerous financial institutions and corporate clients for more than two decades, we are fully versed in all facets of the laws of insolvency and recovery, including bringing and opposing liquidation and sequestration applications, bringing and opposing business rescue applications, bringing and opposing schemes of arrangement and offers of compromise and conducting insolvency enquiries.

Learn more about Insolvency Law by downloading this informative pdf.

The creation and operation of banks is governed by applicable government legislation and regulation, ensuring they abide to specific requirements, restrictions, and guidelines while the legal relationship between a bank and its client is based on a contract.

We are fully adept in all areas of Banking Law and practice, including all types of lending transactions, having represented a number of banks over two decades. Our expertise covers – to mention a few – various forms of financing, debt restructuring and insolvency, general lending, trade finance, property finance, secure and unsecured facilities and all types of lending and banking contracts.

Learn more about Banking Law by downloading this informative pdf.

“I have successfully used Shaun in commercial arbitration, corporate/commercial law matters and in the arena of insolvency law, in all of which he is well accomplished.”
– Grant Davidson [businessman for three decades]

“Shaun is well versed in business and the laws governing general business, but particularly the information technology industry and Shaun is professional and loyal to a fault”
– Tinus Neethling [managing director of Rorotika Technologies]

“Shaun is imaginative, hardworking, accommodating and honest – Shaun acted for Pirelli Tyres before, while and after I was the managing director of the company, dealing with all legal matters, including the drafting and enforcement of various types of contracts and other litigious matters.”
– Ashley Cooper [former managing director of Pirelli Tyres]

“Shaun’s service is efficient, honest and of the highest professional standard – Shaun acted for the construction companies of which I was the financial director/officer, dealing with all legal matters related to the construction industry, including litigation and the drafting and enforcement of construction related contracts and negotiations.”
– Carel van Reenen [former financial director of Stocks Roads]

“Shaun Nel’s  services were consistently of the highest ethical & professional standards I experienced in my near four decade banking career – Shaun having acted for the bank in enforcing
lending agreements, drafting bank related agreements and giving guidance on various aspects involving banking.”
William King Powell [retired Standard Bank manager]

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